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An Ominous sign in Google Maps, or just a quirky satellite trick? Another Marketing Tip

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April 14, 2008

Illusions are always part of any successful marketing campaign - to enable you to see what the advertiser wants you to see.  Over the years you have seen the "Face on Mars" which Alien-Life Conspiracy theorists insist is proof of intelligence beyond our planet (see http://www.planetperplex.com/en/item262 to see the face, then click on the picture at that link for another view). Of course there are also photos of the image of Satan in the smoke of the World Trade Center attacks.  I always thought it looked more like Keith Richards.  And as there are no actual pictures of Satan, I think I am closer to the mark.

Illusionary photos can be a way to help you with your online marketing campaign.  I have just discovered an interesting image as I was looking at a map of the Chesapeake bay on Google maps.  Some of you may have already seen this.  This could be a great tool for use by environmentalists.

Environmentalists fall into three categories; Enviro-Nazi (Eco-terrorists), Chicken Little (Al Gore), or Science-Focused (Forms a hypothesis, yet is willing to form a new hypothesis when the conclusions do not match the initial hypothesis based on more accurate data.)

If you are one of the enviro-types above, or if you are just someone who wants to see a weird quirky picture that you can use to scare your friends, make a point, provide a theory, rant against Google, Microsoft, Big Oil, welfare cheats, Liberals, Conservatives, LaRoucians, or decry Bush, Clinton, McCain, Obama or any other glorified government employee --then here it is. OOOOoooooohhh!

Chesapeake Bay Dead Head
Click here or on the picture to see a larger image
This was the image on Google Maps 14 April 2008

To see the current image on Google Maps click here. Google seems to have updated the maps with more appealing blue water.

Anyway, regardless of your beliefs, background, political leanings, religion, mental stability, and whether you use corn gluten instead of fertilizer, please enjoy and pass this article link on!

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