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Visiting Annapolis Maryland:
Annapolis Dining, and Bed & Breakfasts

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August 13, 2005

Gems of Maryland's Western Shore: Annapolis

Part 1 Visit Annapolis
Part 2 The Naval Academy
Part 3 Annapolis Dining and Bed & Breakfasts

Dining in Annapolis

There are so many restaurants in which to feast, however, I hope to direct you to ones that are a "must see" in my humble opinion. Buddy's, the Middleton Tavern, and Chick and Ruth's Deli. If you are looking for more intimate ad upscale dining, visit the Cafe Normandie as well as the Treaty of Paris, both on Main Street towards the State House.

Buddy's Seafood and Crabs: Known for it's one pound "Big Buddy" crab cake, this restaurant lies a few short steps from the waterfront park.  Crab cakes here tend to have a lot of back-fin meat and almost no filler.  Keeping it all together is a nice light imperial glaze.  My uncle made the mistake of ordering the meatloaf.  After listening to him complain about how tough it was, I asked him why he ordered meatloaf from a restaurant that excels in seafood, especially crab.  He acquiesced, and ordered the crab.  Don't order meatloaf at Buddy's, order crab cakes.

Yin Yankee is across the street and to the left from Buddy's.  It is a mix of Japanese and other Asian foods presented extraordinarily well.  Some dishes are a tad spicy, but this a great restaurant to go to if you are looking for down-town near-the-water dining.

Middleton Tavern:

Located on the corner of Dock Street and Market Space (see map) the Middleton Tavern is a great place not only to eat and drink, but is perfectly situated for people-watching if you are lucky enough to get the outdoor seating, especially during the Spring and Fall.

(From the Tavern Website) Middleton Tavern was host to a galaxy of the nation's most revered leaders during the period following the American Revolution. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were numbered among its prominent patrons. The Tavern was frequented by members of the Continental Congress meeting in the State House on such historic occasions as the resignation of General Washington's commission, December 23, 1783, the ratification of the Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War in January 1784, and the Annapolis Convention which laid the groundwork for the Federal Constitution Convention held the following year in Philadelphia. More history to be found at the Middleton Tavern History Web Page.

Chick and Ruth's

This Deli is no Ordinary Deli. Chick and Ruth's [website] is an Annapolis "place to go" for food any time of the day.  Haunted by many Maryland and National politicians, I have found it to be quite generous with portions.  It's best not to try to avoid their milkshakes.  You will have to have one so just resolve that issue when you get there.  Diet-schmiet!

Annapolis Bed & Breakfasts

Great Bed and Breakfasts abound in Annapolis. Some favorites are the Flag House downtown near the Naval Academy and the Jonas Green B&B in one of the most historic homes in Annapolis.

Great descriptions are offered at all of these Bed and Breakfasts at the Annapolis B&B website.

One place that I found to be a great hidden gem ans NOT listed on the website above is the ScotLar Bed and Breakfast (http://www.scotlaurinn.com) located above the aforementioned Chick and Ruth's Deli. Not only are you in the heart of downtown Annapolis, but this particular B&B tends to be the least expensive, but with all the charm of the other, more prominent Inns. Combine that with the big breakfast you get downstairs at Chick and Ruth's Deli, and you have started your Annapolis getaway off on the right foot!

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